Where we come from: History of ProCredit

The ProCredit group is firmly rooted in its pioneering history in development finance. Formally speaking, ProCredit Holding was founded in 1998 as Internationale Micro Investitionen AG (IMI) by the consulting firm IPC and many of that company’s employees via ipc-invest (today’s ProCredit Staff Invest). Soon after the launch of IMI, further capital was provided by the DOEN Foundation, the Bolivian foundation ProCrédito, and the KfW Group. IMI soon became an important vehicle for communication among the shareholders. Therefore, it was natural for other IFIs, as well as other shareholders who were interested in the holding company, to take stakes in IMI. In 2004, IMI was renamed ProCredit Holding. Our business focus develops as our markets develop, but our vision of a fair financial sector has been constant since the beginning.

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  • ProCredit e-campus goes online

    Joined the Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF)
    First report on the GHG emissions associated with the loan portfolio (scope 3 emissions)

    Introduction of green deposits

    Network of electric vehicle charging stations installed in South Eastern and Eastern Europe

  • ProCredit Direct
    Digital banking approach for private clients fully implemented

    First capital increase as a listed company (10% of share capital)

    First green bond placement for emerging countries with IFC for green investments by SMEs

    Publication of first group Impact Report following GRI Standards

    MIGA provides mandatory cash reserves coverage for eight ProCredit subsidiaries

    Financing of PV plants for energy communities in Greece

    Introduction of the Plastic Strategy

    Continuous EDGE certification of head office buildings

  • Listing of ProCredit Holding shares on Prime Standard of Frankfurt Stock Exchange

    Group Code of Conduct replaces local banks’ versions

    First ESG Rating by MSCI and oekom research (now ISS ESG)

    Green finance approach
    All ProCredit banks apply the entire green lending and environmental and social risk management concept

    All ProCredit institutions certified under ISO 14001 or EMAS

  • SME finance
    2008: Shift from product-oriented microfinance provider to “Hausbank” for SMEs

    Introduction of group-wide approach to HR

    2010: Environmental courses introduced at the ProCredit Academies

    2011: Introduction of a group-wide comprehensive three-pillar approach to Environmental Management

    EM policy and EM Unit at each bank

    2011: First Group Environmental Steering Committee

    Banking license in Germany
    2011: Implementation of German regulatory standards

    Supervision by German banking authorities (BaFin and Deutsche Bundesbank)

    2012: Introduction of semi-annual group-wide green seminars

  • Banking group
    2003: Creation of ProCredit as a banking group with key shareholders IPC (investment arm has been transferred to Zeitinger Invest), DOEN (now DOEN participaties), KfW, IFC and ProCredit Staff Invest

    ProCredit Academy
    2006: Establishment of the ProCredit Academies

    ProCredit Holding
    Consolidation of ownership in ProCredit Holding 

    Investment grade rating since 2004

    First green loans granted for energy efficiency and renewable energy investments in 2006

    Environmental Exclusion List introduced group-wide in the banks’ Codes of Conduct in 2006

  • First microfinance bank in Bosnia and Herzegovina founded as a greenfield bank

    Foundation of IMI (now ProCredit Holding)

  • Origin
    Origin of ProCredit with IPC: Consulting of financial institutions in developing countries