ProCredit Bank Germany

ProCredit Bank Germany was registered in 2012 as a 100% owned subsidiary of ProCredit Holding to support the ProCredit group worldwide as well as to bring our specific international expertise to the German market. The bank brings a modern banking perspective to the group as well as specific benefits in terms of being able to make lower-cost funding and international payment options available to the ProCredit banks worldwide. It provides a central role in GroupTreasury and is the central correspondent for EUR, USD, GBP, CHF and PLN clearing in the group.


procredit germany

The ProCredit bank in Germany also presents interesting opportunities to work with German clients who take an interest in our countries of operation. By opening a deposit account with ProCredit Bank, clients can support the business activities of the other ProCredit banks. The bank also forms a bridge between Germany and the ProCredit group’s countries of operation by supporting German small and medium-sized companies in their efforts to develop business relationships in those countries. For the business clients of the ProCredit banks worldwide, our bank in Germany opens up valuable opportunities for co-operation since it provides attractive co-financing, international payments and trade finance instruments.

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