ProCredit institutions worldwide

Our development-oriented commercial banks specialised in working with small and medium-sized businesses are at the heart of the ProCredit group. All have full banking licences. The group also comprises a number of important support companies, including the parent company, ProCredit Holding; the ProCredit Academy; and Quipu, the group IT company. All companies are majority owned and in most cases solely owned by ProCredit Holding and all companies apply a consistent set of group standards. Financially, all group companies apply IFRS accounting standards and the group publishes consolidated financial statements on a quarterly basis.

ProCredit banks - A regional approach

All ProCredit banks (with the exception of ProCredit Bank Germany) pursue a broadly similar strategy and all are united behind the same mission statement which outlines their developmental and commercial objectives. 


ProCredit has a focused regional approach which successfully allows us to make the most of the synergies between the different institutions in each region. For example, in each region we have regional IT service centres provided by Quipu. Furthermore, regional training centres have been established to support the training of staff. Training seminars and workshops are regularly organised at the regional level for all key business areas, and staff members participate in regular exchanges within each region to transfer technical skills and specialist knowledge.

Our mission statement sets the operational framework for all banks in the ProCredit group.


Our mission statement

ProCredit Bank is a development-oriented commercial bank. We offer excellent customer service to small and medium enterprises and to private individuals who would like to save. In our operations, we adhere to a number of core principles: We value transparency in our communication with our customers, we do not promote consumer lending, we strive to minimise our ecological footprint, and we provide services which are based both on an understanding of each client’s situation and on sound financial analysis.

In our operations with business clients, we focus on small and medium-sized enterprises, as we are convinced that these businesses create jobs and make a vital contribution to the economies in which they operate. By offering simple and accessible deposit facilities and other banking services and by investing in financial education, we aim to promote a culture of saving and financial responsibility.

Our shareholders expect a sustainable return on investment over the long term, rather than being focused on short-term profit maximisation. We invest extensively in the training and development of our staff in order to create an open and efficient working atmosphere and to provide friendly and competent (customer) service for our clients.

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ProCredit banks

ProCredit Bank Albania

Rr. “Dritan Hoxha”. Nd. 92, H.15, Njësia
Bashkiake Nr. 11
1026, Tirana

tel.: +355 4 23 89 300

ProCredit Bank Bosnia and Herzegowina

Franca Lehara bb
71000 Sarajevo

tel.: +387 33 250 950
fax: +387 33 250 971

ProCredit Bank Bulgaria

26 Todor Aleksandrov Blvd.
1303 Sofia

tel.: +359 2 813 5100
fax: +359 2 813 5110


ProCredit Bank Bulgaria / Greek branch

Thessaloniki Branch
ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria) EAD
54-56, 26th October & Pegasus Str.
Thessaloniki, 546 27

tel.: +30 2316008840

Banco ProCredit Colombia

Av. Calle 39 N° 13 A-16

tel.: +57 1 5954040
fax: +57 1 2857139

Banco ProCredit Ecuador

Av. Atahualpa y Av. Amazonas, esquina

tel.: +593 2 600 38 20
contact center: +593 1 800 100 400


ProCredit Bank Georgia

21 Al. Kazbegi Ave.
0160 Tbilisi

tel.: +995 32 22022 22
fax: +995 32 22022 23

ProCredit Bank Germany

Rohmerplatz 33-37
60486 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

tel.: +49 (0)69 719129–0
fax: +49 (0)69 719129–299

ProCredit Bank Kosovo

St. George Bush No.26
10000 Prishtina

tel.: +383 38 555 777
fax: +383 38 555 776

ProCredit Bank Macedonia

Manapo, no.7
1000 Skopje

tel.: +389 2 244 60 00
fax: +389 2 321 99 01

ProCredit Bank Moldova

65 Stefan cel Mare Ave.
office 901, Chisinau, MD-2001

tel.: +373 22 836404

ProCredit Bank Romania

62-64 Buzesti St., Sector 1
011017 Bucharest

tel.: +40 21 201 6000
fax: +40 21 305 5663

ProCredit Bank Serbia

17 Milutina Milankovica
11070 Belgrade

tel.: +381 11 20 57 000
fax: +381 11 20 77 905

ProCredit Bank Ukraine

107a Peremohy Ave.
03115 Kyiv

tel.: +380 44 590 10 00
fax: +380 44 590 10 01

For reasons of precaution, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the ProCredit financial holding group exclusively operates in the countries listed on the website under the protected trademarks of “ProCredit Bank” and “Banco ProCredit” and that it does not cooperate with credit intermediaries.
Frankfurt, 29 December 2016

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