Responsible banking for development

ProCredit banks aim to drive forward the creation of transparent, inclusive financial sectors in developing countries and transition economies. A functioning and fair financial system, which enables small and medium-sized businesses to invest and expand, is important for economic and social development. That is why our business model is very lean and laser-focused on supporting the small and medium clients that matter the most from a development point of view.

In our view, the word “development” means more than merely increasing a country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) or raising efficiency and productivity. Development also has to do with the free development of individuals, the democratic organisation of societies and social justice. The way we operate as a group reflects this conviction: We carefully select the clients we want to work with and provide them with fair and transparent advice from well-trained staff who are not incentivised to push loan business. We provide modern and innovative banking services to our business and private clients and we want to work with them long term. As their “Hausbank” with a strong regional focus on South Eastern and Eastern Europe, we support business cooperation in the region by bringing our clients together.

Minimising our negative impact on the environment and proactively promoting a sustainable way of doing business is an integral part of our business strategy – not only in connection with our lending operations or the provision of financial services to our clients, but also in our own day-to-day operations as institutions.

ProCredit banks aim to be the “Hausbank” for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as to promote a savings culture for private individuals in order to counteract the “spend now, pay back later” mentality, which in our countries of operation is often combined with irresponsible, but widespread, consumer lending behaviour.