Key facts

ProCredit at a glance

  • An impact-oriented group of commercial banks with a focus on SMEs in South Eastern and Eastern Europe​
  • “Hausbank” for SMEs and “ProCredit Direct” for Private Clients​
  • Headquartered in Frankfurt and supervised by BaFin and Bundesbank​
  • Track record of high-quality loan portfolio based on prudent risk management and focus on long-term business relationships​
  • Profitable every year since creation as a banking group

Our Mission

We strive to be the leading SME bank in our markets following sustainable and impact-oriented banking practices. In doing so, we want to generate long-term sustainable returns and create positive impact in the economies and societies we work in.

Regional footprint

ProCredit Group

Key group figures

Key financials (in € m)

  Sep-21 Sep-22
Total assets 7,885 8,672
Loan portfolio 5,803 6,292
Shareholders equity 856 887
Net income 62.0 17.3
Net income (excl. Ukraine) 44.8 60.2


Key metrics


  Sep-21 Sep-22
Net interest margin 2.8% 3.0%
Cost of risk 8 bps​ 173 bps(1)​
Cost-income ratio 62.4% 60.7%
Return on equity 10.1%​ 2.7%​(1)
Return on equity (excl. Ukraine) 7.3%
CET1 ratio (fully-loaded)​ 13.8%​ 13.6%​
Customer deposits/loans​ 91% 95.1%
Number of employees​ 3,153 3,343
Book value per share (€)​​ 14.5 15.1

(1) results negatively impacted by significant loan loss provisions of € 73.1m for the group’s operations in Ukraine


FitchRatings Long term rating (outlook) BBB (stable)
MSCI ESG Research ESG rating AA
ISS ESG Corporate rating Prime

Impact orientation

Impact through business

  • Supporting SMEs through the cycle
  • No focus on consumer lending
  • ESG assessment central to client selection and lending
  • Promoting transparency
  • Commitment to SDGs and signatory to UNEP FI & PCAF

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Environmental responsibility​

  • Green loan portfolio > €1.2bn, avg. growth 18% p.a. since 2017
  • Strict lending standards and exclusion list
  • Internal measures for greener planet, including
    – plastic strategy
    – energy efficient buildings

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Comprehensive staff development

  • High diversity. Gender parity
  • Unique approach to staff recruitment and development
  • Continuous value-based training in own academy
  • Fair, transparent salary linked to training level; no variable components

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Sustainable business model

  • Long-term client relationships
  • Steady organic business growth
  • Majority longer-term investment loans (> 3 years)
  • NPLs and write-offs significantly below the banking sectors of operation
  • Profitable every year since creation as a banking group

Sustainable development goals​

Our impact approach is linked to 9 of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).​

Our Impact Report 2021 summarises the group’s achievements in this respect​.

ProCredit Impact Report Package 2021