About Quipu

Quipu is an IT consultancy and software development company providing dedicated support services to the ProCredit group. Quipu plays a central role for ProCredit. As an integrated part of the group, with many years of experience, it provides effective software solutions in a swift and efficient manner geared towards the particular needs of our clients, our way of doing business and our countries of operation. It is owned by ProCredit Holding and managed by Dr Gian Marco Felice, who has been with the group since 2001 and possesses broad experience in banking operations, having held positions on the management boards of the ProCredit banks in Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania.


A brief history

Quipu’s roots lie in IPC, a well-known consulting company based in Frankfurt, Germany. From its inception, IPC invested in developing software that would both support its consulting activities and provide optimal technical support to the microfinance institutions operating in developing countries and transition economies. In line with the operational scope of the institutions at that time, the software was initially tailored to support micro and small business lending activities.

Over time, IPC shifted its focus to advising the ProCredit banks, which were utilising the company’s information technology to conduct its business activities. IPC therefore decided to spin off its IT operations into a separate company in order to increase the transparency and accountability of the IT services provided to the ProCredit banks. Consequently, Quipu GmbH was established in March 2004. For the first several years, the new company concentrated on building a consolidated company structure so as to ensure long-term sustainability. Quipu has since adapted the original software to accommodate many new banking services, while also developing new tools and applications in response to the growth and expansion of ProCredit’s range of services.

Due to Quipu’s integration and identification with the ProCredit group, ProCredit Holding acquired the company at the beginning of 2011. IT and software are key for a modern banking group. In a rapidly changing world, technology plays a central role for clients, for efficient banking operations, for risk management and for our ability to respond to the evolving demands of regulators and auditors. As such it was a valuable step to integrate IT development and support fully into the core business operations of the group.

To guarantee an optimal level of support for the ProCredit banks as well as for other customers, especially with respect to maintaining their operating software, Quipu has established regional offices located in Central America, South America, Africa and South Eastern Europe, as well as a development office in Russia. The main role of the specialists working in these offices is to provide direct support. In this capacity, Quipu staff assist the banks with their daily operations, de-bug software applications, perform periodic database checks, develop new reports and design new banking services on a continual basis.

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What does "Quipu" mean?

The word “Quipu” refers to a mnemonic device consisting of knotted strands of wool or cotton which was used by the ancient Incas to record and transmit information. The choice of name not only reflects Quipu GmbH's international background; it also expresses our constant striving for simple, yet ingenious solutions, which can function even in environments that do not have a sophisticated technological infrastructure.

Quipu knots

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What makes Quipu special?

International scope

Quipu is an international company in every sense of the word, with operations in Latin America, Africa and South-East Europe. The vast majority of its customers use the banking software developed by Quipu and receive support on all IT-related matters either from Quipu’s headquarters in Germany or from one of its regional offices.


Quipu office 1 


Quipu’s international character is also reflected in its staff, who represent more than 30 different nationalities. This puts the company in a unique position to offer localised service on a global scale.

Continuous development

In tandem with the growth of the ProCredit group, Quipu is continually developing its software, improving existing tools and applications, and developing new IT solutions in order to meet the banks’ evolving needs.

Continuous support

Improving and developing software tools is only part of the overall support that Quipu provides to the ProCredit banks. Of equal importance, the company also assists the banks in implementing the tools, trains bank staff to use the software and delivers rapid response to ensure that the banks run smoothly and efficiently day after day.


Project planning

Project implementation plans are designed in close consultation with the ProCredit banks. Built on the principles of transparency and realistic estimates, the plans outline each step in the process and define accurate deadlines.


Innovation and flexibility

Quipu professionals understand how technology can be used to create highly differentiated solutions that enable the banks and their customers to innovate and grow.
All solutions provided by Quipu are scalable and flexible. Advice and recommendations, such as which hardware to install or which connection method is best for the local environment, are provided on a regular basis and upon request.


Information security – A permanent focus

Security is a primary concern for Quipu. The company has invested very considerable efforts and resources in the development of activities and procedures to ensure the security and reliability of information, as well as to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data. Close attention is paid to safeguarding networks and infrastructure, applications and databases against security risks, and testing the security measures in place.

Security policies, procedures, standards and guidelines have been adopted which are in full compliance not only with the security standards imposed in Germany, but also with international standards, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, as required by MasterCard, VISA, American Express and other card systems.

Besides written policies and procedures, other important security-related aspects include: the physical security arrangements in our buildings, designed to prevent any kind of unauthorised access; the logical security of our data handling systems, including encryption, password policy, PIN safety and other access control features; the highly efficient automated fraud detection system which protects the ProCredit banks’ card business.

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Quipu’s services are provided by three main organisational divisions:

1.    Software Development and Implementation
2.    Processing Centre, and
3.    System Administration.


1. Software Development and Implementation

Quipu’s range of products cover all essential banking activities and together form the Quipu Banking System. All Quipu applications interface with each other to support the interrelated business processes that rely on them.


Quipu office sheets

CustomWare.NET is a front office tool that is deployed primarily at the branch level and provides full support to ProCredit banks in retail banking operations, including loan and account administration. CustomWare.NET is a fast, efficient, flexible and maintenance-friendly application. Its specific features include: integration of the functional modules common to the ProCredit banks; flexibility, allowing banks to easily make adjustments to comply with local regulations; very high level of security; high degree of scalability; modern user interface.

DealWare was developed to provide support to the treasury departments of the ProCredit banks in their trading operations. DealWare provides tools and solutions that are useful in daily treasury activities related to cash, liquidity and asset management. It supports all types of treasury operations, based on an exchange of information via the banks’ intranets and the internet.

BankWare is tailored to the requirements of small and medium-sized financial institutions with respect to accounting operations. BankWare is a versatile, customisable tool for analysing and reporting management information and financial data. It can be adapted to central bank regulations, institutional and technical needs, and the requirements of donors and shareholders.

InfoWare is a Business Intelligence solution tailored to the ProCredit banks that provides support in reporting. It integrates data that come from the other Quipu systems in a data warehouse with a cube-oriented design. These data are then published via various static and dynamic channels for use by operational and management users. InfoWare is based on MS SQL Server and Analysis Services and loaded with an ETL (extract, transform, load) application developed by Quipu.

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is one of the most recent tools developed by Quipu. CRM provides support to ProCredit banks in maintaining high-quality relationships with their customers and expanding their client portfolios in an efficient manner.

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2. Processing Centre and Personalisation Centre

Quipu Processing Centre offers EFT (Electronic Financial Transactions) services to ProCredit banks and other financial institutions. EFT services include the authorisation, clearing and settlement of debit cards, credit cards, balance enquiries, withdrawals, account statements, payments, P2P transfers, card-to-card transfers, etc. Additionally, Quipu offers ATM and POS management support to the banks, framework agreements with suppliers, and support for licensing and implementation with international card providers like MasterCard and VISA. Increasingly, Quipu will become a “think-tank” on EFT business for the ProCredit banks.


Quipu Personalisation Centre is managed by Quipu Shpk. and is located in Prishtina, Kosovo. This modern, highly flexible card personalisation centre offers a full range of card personalisation services and supplies products to customers all over the world.


Quipu Card Personalisation Centre

Quipu Shpk has invested in state-of-the-art technology in order to provide a complete range of card personalisation services, which include both magnetic stripe and EMV chip cards: domestic, MasterCard and VISA. Quipu Shpk customers are primarily ProCredit banks, but the company also serves a number of non-ProCredit banks.

Quipu has been an approved VISA vendor for card personalisation since 2006 and has successfully passed several physical and logical on-site audits. In 2009 the company also became a certified MasterCard vendor. Certification by these organisations testifies to one of the highest levels of security possible in the plastic card industry. This degree of security is guaranteed at every stage of the production process.

For more information, please visit: Quipu Sh.p.k. Personalisation Centre and the Quipu Processing Centre website.

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3. System Administration

System Administration is one of the three main divisions of Quipu GmbH. A team of highly motivated certified technicians carry out all of the tasks involved in ensuring that Quipu’s worldwide IT infrastructure functions smoothly. In this context, the range of services comprises the following: provision and maintenance of a uniform domain structure; internal and external e-mail and collaboration solutions; a Voice-over-IP solution spread across ten time zones; provision of testing and development environments for Quipu’s Software Development and Processing Centre divisions; web services; VPN solutions; user support; backup structures; networking and firewall solutions; and SQL database administration and performance tuning.


Quipu office 2

In order to be able to provide all of these functionalities and services with a minimum amount of downtime, Quipu’s System Administration division has implemented a permanent monitoring solution, allowing a constant watch to be kept on every single component in the Quipu / ProCredit Holding network. This means that at any given time it is possible to accurately determine the status of all servers, routers, switches, firewalls and data transmission lines in the Frankfurt headquarters, the Quipu Regional Offices and at the banks that use the services of the Processing Centre, and thus be fully informed about any potential issues long before they become problematic.

Another important area of activity for Quipu’s System Administration division is providing support to ProCredit Holding, the ProCredit Academies and IPC headquarters, as well as support on demand and training to all ProCredit banks in terms of implementing networks and domain infrastructures and developing solutions to meet all of the IT-related requirements of a commercial bank. To ensure this, Quipu’s System Administration division collaborates closely with the other two main divisions of Quipu GmbH, the Processing Centre and the Software Development division.

As a testimony to its proficiency in offering support and implementing solutions, Quipu’s System Administration division has achieved numerous distinctions and qualifications, including: Microsoft Silver Certified Partner status and Microsoft Midmarket Solution Provider Competency.

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Quipu Head Office – Germany

Königsberger Straße 1
60487 Frankfurt am Main

tel.: +49 69 50 69 90 - 0
fax: +49 69 50 69 90 - 220
e-mail: quipu@quipugmbh.com


Quipu Processing Centre – Germany

Königsberger Straße 1
60487 Frankfurt am Main

tel.: +49 69 50 69 90 - 0
fax: +49 69 50 69 90 - 277
e-mail: quipu@quipugmbh.com
web: www.quipu-processing.com


Quipu Personalisation Centre - Kosovo

Rexhep Mala 16
10000 Prishtina

tel.: +381 38 246 010
fax: +381 38 246 010
IP - tel.: +49 69 50 69 90 - 151
e-mail: infoquipushpk@quipugmbh.com
web: www.quipushpk.com


Quipu Regional Offices

Quipu Kiev – Ukraine

11 Krasylivska. Office 4
03040 Kyiv

Quipu Accra – Ghana

23 Djanie Ashie Avenue,
Ambassadorial Enclave, off Mensah Wood Street,
East Legon, Accra

Quipu Bogotá – Colombia

Calle 37 No. 16-25
Barrio Teusaquillio, Bogotá


Quipu Skopje – Macedonia

Chedomir Minderovikj 31
1000 Skopje

Quipu San Salvador – El Salvador

Avenida La Revolución No. 178,
Colonia San Benito, San Salvador


Quipu Bucharest - Romania
22 Tudor Vladimirescu
Green Gate Building, 5th floor
050883 Bucharest

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