ProCredit group closes Q1 2020 with portfolio growth and an improved financial result

• Customer loan portfolio growth of 0.9%
• Compared to the previous year, the consolidated result increased by EUR 3.0 million to EUR 13.7 million, the return on average equity stood at 7.0%
• Cost of risk of 57 basis points is in line with expectations and reflects the deteriorated macroeconomic environment
• Cost-income ratio improved significantly to 64.6% (more…)

ProCredit group achieves good growth and solid financial results in 2019

• Customer loan portfolio grows by 10.3%, customer deposits by 14.2%
• Consolidated result of EUR 54.3 million at the upper end of the forecast corridor
• Consolidated result also reflects expenses from the successfully completed restructuring measures that were planned at the beginning of the year
• Progress in achieving group-wide SDG targets published separately today in Impact Report 2019 (more…)

The ProCredit group achieves strong results in the third quarter

• Consolidated result of EUR 44.0 million since the beginning of the year (9M 2018: EUR 40.9 million) well in line with expectations
• Significantly improved result in the third quarter to EUR 21.1 million (Q2 2019: EUR 12.2 million; Q1: EUR 10.7 million), among other factors attributable to strong increase in net interest income
• Strong growth in customer deposits of EUR 348 million or 9.1% since the beginning of the year (9M 2018: 2.8%)
• Continued solid growth in the gross loan portfolio of 8.3% or EUR 360 million since the beginning of the year
• Full-year forecast confirmed (more…)

ProCredit Holding AG & Co KGaA announces the successful sale of Banco ProCredit Colombia S.A.

Following approval by the Financial Superintendence of Colombia, ProCredit Holding completed the sale of its Colombian subsidiary to Créditos y Ahorros Credifinanciera S.A. on 16 October 2019. Banco ProCredit Colombia S.A. was sold according to the terms outlined by ProCredit Holding in the Q1 financial report in May 2019. The overall financial impact of the transaction, which will be fully realised in Q4 2019, is in line with expectations. Against this background, ProCredit confirms the forecast issued for the 2019 financial year. (more…)

ProCredit Holding AG & Co. KGaA: Changes in the Composition of the Management

Borislav Kostadinov, member of the Management responsible for Credit Risk Management, Environmental Management and Impact Reporting of the ProCredit group, has asked ProCredit General Partner AG as general partner of ProCredit Holding AG & Co. KGaA (ProCredit Holding) to terminate his Management Board contract early for personal reasons, with effect from 15 September 2019. ProCredit General Partner AG has complied with this request. Mr Kostadinov will act in an advisory capacity for the company until the end of 2019. (more…)

ProCredit group reports solid results and further strengthens its market position in the first half of 2019

• Gross loan portfolio growth of 5.0% YTD (EUR 217m)
• Net interest and commission income higher than same period of previous year
• Consolidated result of EUR 22.9m (H1 2018: EUR 26.7m) in line with the group’s expectations
• Further cooperation agreements concluded with international institutions such as EIF and IFC in order to finance innovative and green investments by SMEs in the emerging markets in which the group works
• Full-year forecast confirmed (more…)

Annual General Meeting of ProCredit Holding approves dividend of EUR 0.30 per share

ProCredit Holding AG & Co. KGaA (ProCredit Holding), based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, which is the parent company of the development-oriented ProCredit group consisting of commercial banks for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and whose operational focus is on South Eastern and Eastern Europe, today held its third ordinary Annual General Meeting since its shares were listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. (more…)

ProCredit group reports solid first quarter of 2019

• Gross loan portfolio growth of 1.7%
• Negotiations for the sale of ProCredit Bank Colombia successfully concluded
• Consolidated result of EUR 10.7 million in line with the group’s expectations
• Full-year forecast confirmed (more…)