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Key data for the ProCredit Holding share

Securities identification number (WKN) 622340
ISIN DE0006223407
Trading symbol PCZ
Share class No par value shares

Number of shares in issue (17 November 2016)

Notional par value EUR 5.00
Free float share (7 December 2016) 33.8%
Segment Prime Standard
Stock exchanges Frankfurt Stock Exchange



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The information above is based on data provided by the Deutsche Börse AG. ProCredit Holding AG & Co. KGaA cannot guarantee that the data are accurate, complete and/or up to date.



Shareholder structure  

Shareholders structure 2016 12 23 

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Payment date

Dividend per share (EUR)


(EUR m)

Payout ratio

2015 21.06.2016 0.40 20.3 33.1%
2014 26.06.2015 0.20 10.2 20.2%
2013 30.05.2014 0.20 10.2 26.1%


ProCredit targets a dividend payout representing one third of the previous year’s annual consolidated profits after tax, as determined by the company’s audited unconsolidated financial statements prepared under German GAAP (Bilanzgewinn), subject to approval by the general shareholders’ meeting.