Shareholder structure

Shareholders Structure ProCredit Holding

1) According to information voluntarily reported by Zeitinger Invest on 08.10.2018 (see section “Other information” on the IR website of ProCredit Holding)
2) According to the voting rights notifications as of 28.12.2016
3) According to the voting rights notifications as of 29.12.2016
4) According to ad-hoc news as of 17.03.2023. EBRD will purchase from IFC their remaining stock of 5.06 per cent in ProCredit Holding. Upon completion of the transaction, EBRD will replace IFC as a core shareholder of ProCredit Holding and hold 8.7 per cent of its share capital. Completion of the share purchase is subject to fulfilment of conditions precedent including receipt of regulatory approvals where applicable (see the corporate news as of 20.03.2023 in the section “Corporate News“ on the IR-website of ProCredit Holding)
5) According to the voting rights notifications as of 29.12.2016

The shareholder structure presented above is based on public voting rights notifications by the respective shareholders, in the case of Zeitinger Invest GmbH, on the voluntary disclosure of voting rights and in the case of IFC, on the ad-hoc news as of 17.03.2023 (see “Voting rights notifications”, “Other information” and „Ad-hoc news“ in the Investor relations section of the ProCredit Holding website). This breakdown was calculated by comparing the numbers of voting rights reported by the shareholders on the above-mentioned dates against the total number of voting rights (currently 58,898,492). ProCredit Holding AG & Co KGaA has made reasonable efforts to provide a realistic overview of the shareholder structure. However, due to limitations on the availability and verifiability of the underlying data, ProCredit Holding AG & Co KGaA does not assume any responsibility that the information presented here is accurate, complete and up to date.

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